The Complete Course Schedule Of A Naturopathic Doctor

While it is less relevant now that I’ve been out of school for twelve years, I think letting patients know about my course schedule gives them a sense of the way I was trained.

For those of you who want to know exactly what I’ve been trained in, I am including my class schedules for four years.  Ask all your doctors for their course schedules.  Many of them have all their education stuffed into one or two years. Look particularly for classes in nutrition, as most of us trust them to know about what we should eat, and many of them have had no training. Comparisons in class time actually show I took more class hours than MDs at John Hopkins or Harvard. The difference is that the MD medical students are working 120 hour weeks in the hospitals. They learn a great deal about acute hospital care. I do not work in a hospital setting, and all my clinical training is in an outpatient setting. Since most MD students complete primarily hospital training, our outpatient training is comparable.

My Education: National College’s Class Schedule.

First Year

Anatomy I
Gross Lab I
Physiology I
Biochemistry I w/Lab
Medical Histology
Medical Histology Lab
Basic Science Clinical Correlate I
Naturopathic Medical Philosophy and Theory I
Palpation Lab I
Psychology and Counseling

Anatomy II
Gross Lab II
Physiology II
Biochemistry II w/Lab
Basic Science Clinical Correlate II
Naturopathic Medical Philosophy and Theory II
Hydrotherapy Lab
Palpation II Lab
Skills of Communications
Skills of Communications Lab

Physiology III
Research and Statistics
Basic Science Clinical Correlate III
Pathology I
Psychological Assessment
Introduction to Clinic

Second Year

Chinese Medicine I
Clinical/Physical Diagnosis I
Physical Diagnosis Lab I
Pathology II
Lab Diagnosis I
Lab Diagnosis I Lab
Pharmacology I
Public Health
Clinical Case Presentations I
Physiotherapy I
Physiotherapy I Lab
Clinical Rotation Hydro/Massage

Botanical Materia Medica I
Chinese Medicine II
Clinical/Physical Diagnosis II
Physical Diagnosis Lab II
Pathology III
Lab Diagnosis II
Lab Diagnosis II Lab
Pharmacology II
Homeopathy I
Clinical Case Presentation
Naturopathic Manipulative Therapies I
Naturopathic Manipulative Therapies Lab I
Clinical Rotation Hydro/Massage
Clinic Education

Botanical Materia Medica II
Clinical Physical Diagnosis III
Physical Diagnosis Lab III
Lab Diagnosis III
Lab Diagnosis III Lab
Homeopathy II
Nutrition I
Clinical Case Presentation III
Naturopathic Manipulative Therapies II
Naturopathic Manipulative Therapies Lab II
Clinical Rotation Hydro/Massage
Clinic Education

Summer is spent preparing for Basic Sciences NPLEX Boards

Third Year

Botanical Materia Medica III
Diagnostic Imaging I
Homeopathy III
Naturopathic Manipulative Therapies III
Naturopathic Manipulative Therapies Lab III
Gynecology Nutrition II
Obstetrics I
Clinical Secondary Fall I
Clinical Secondary Fall II
Clinic Grand Rounds
Clinic Education
Clinic Medicinary Practicum
Clinic Lab Practicum

Diagnostic Imaging II
Doctor Patient Relations
Doctor Patient Relations Lab
Homeopathy IV
Office Orthopedics
Nutrition III
Minor Surgery I with Lab
Naturopathic Manipulative Therapy IV
Naturopathic Manipulative Therapy Lab IV
Clinic Secondary Winter I
Clinic Secondary Winter II
Clinic Grand Rounds
Clinic Education

Environmental Medicine
Diagnostic Imaging III
Nutrition IV
Minor Surgery II with Lab
First Aid and Emergency Medicine
Gynecology Lab
Naturopathic Manipulative Therapy V Lab
Clinic Secondary Spring I
Clinic Secondary Spring II
Clinic Grand Rounds
Clinic Education

Ears, Eyes, Nose and Throat
Clinic X-Ray Practicum
Clinic Senior Lab Post
Clinic Summer Primary I
Clinic Summer Primary II
Clinic Field Observation I
Clinic Field Observation II

Fourth Year

Stress Management
Exercise Therapeutics
Clinic Fall Primary I
Clinic Fall Primary II
Clinic Fall Primary III
Clinic Grand Rounds
Clinic Education
Clinic Field Observation III

Business Practice Seminar I
Counseling Technique with Lab
Clinic Primary Winter I
Clinic Primary Winter II
Clinic Primary Winter III
Clinic Grand Rounds
Clinic Education
Clinic Field Observation IV

Medical Genetics
Jurisprudence and Medical Ethics
Business Practice Seminar II
Clinical Primary Spring I
Clinical Primary Spring II
Clinical Primary Spring III
Clinical Primary Spring IV
Clinical Grand Rounds
Clinical Education
Clinic Field Observation V
Clinic Field Observation VI
Clinic Community Service
Clinic Primary Holiday I
Clinic Primary Holiday II

Total Hours Clinic 1500 Lab 798 Lecture 2220 Elective 708 (see below)

Fourth year also requires a clinical thesis and several hundred “check offs” detailing that you had completed a required medical clinical tasks like minor surgery or prescriptions.

Graduation happened the first of July, and the next month is spent studying for the Clinical Boards in August.

Electives (that I took in addition to class schedule)
Homeopathy V
Homeopathy VI
Homeopathy VII
Homeopathy VIII
Northwest Herbs I
Northwest Herbs II
Northwest Herbs III
Bodywork Massage
Somatic Reeducation I
Somatic Reeducation II


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