Image by Kaneda71 via Flickr

What can you start today that you will continue for the rest of your life?

That’s right, P90Xers.  No exercise program where you jump around like a kangaroo and swing like an orangutan is going to play well when you’re over the hill.

So, what about stairs?  Stairs are things that when you get old, you fear.  Stairs require balance, and quad strength, and stamina.  Being able to do stairs can make the difference between being in your home and being in a nursing home that has ramps everywhere.  So, do stairs like you brush your teeth.  Seek them out. Become a stair expert.

I said stair expert, not stair master.  If for one second you think hamster running on an electric doohickey is going to make you better at navigating a concrete fire escape stair lit only by flashing emergency lights, think again.

It’s about reserves, people.  We’re not talking toned abs, we’re talking survival.  If you need to catch a bus, you need to be able to do a twenty yard dash, or at least determined jog, without keeling over.

Using your body to be fit is an ongoing practice in building your reserves so you can survive.  If in the process you have fun playing tag with your children, or even dancing a little, then it’s all good.  But fitness is not optional.  You will either make it to the taxi, or you will fall in the gutter.

Wherever you are in fitness, start building your reserves.  Tighten the muscles you need.  Build them a little every day, just for a few minutes.  The body will respond and start directing a little more energy toward keeping you alive and well.


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