Back Pain

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Ok, your back is hurting.  Should you ignore it?  No.  You have lower back pain (LBP), and it isn’t going away.  Study please?

“the overall picture is that LBP does not resolve itself when ignored”

Thank you.

Where should you go?  Should you go to your M.D. or a Chiropractor?

Study please?

“After 6 months of follow-up, chiropractic care and medical care for low back pain were comparable in their effectiveness.”

“Communication of advice and information to patients with low back pain increases their satisfaction with providers and accounts for much of the difference between chiropractic and medical patients’ satisfaction”

If you go to your chiropractor or M.D., should you accept a referral to a physical therapist or a homeopath?  Study please?

Physical therapy may be marginally more effective than medical care alone for reducing disability in some patients, but the possible benefit is small.”

“They were divided in two treatment groups: homeopathy and standardised physiotherapy…A comparison of the groups from the beginning to the end of treatment reveals a significant decrease of the Oswestry score in patients treated by homeopathy. This tendency could not be confirmed 18.5 months later.”

“Physical modalities used by chiropractors in this managed-care organization did not appear to be effective in the treatment of patients with LBP”

Ok, but who do you really want to see if you have LBP?  A massage therapist!  Why?  Because it feels nice, you won’t scream in agony while you’re getting it, and your back feels better afterward.  But is it more effective than anything else you might try?  Study please?

“The beneficial effects of massage in patients with chronic LBP lasted at least 1 year after the end of the treatment”

(All studies at under What Do I treat and Back Pain.  Or just click here.)



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